Art Installer Network


A Nationwide Network of Art Installers

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Once, travel expenses added an enormous amount to the cost of an art package. The alternative was to rely on furniture assemblers or tradesmen who may have lacked a sense of design.

Today there is a network of art installers covering this country's the largest 30 cities and 90% of the population.

No more travel expenses! No more high pictures!

At Network Central

It's all about the service.

  • A standardized, published price list
  • A pledge to keep travel expenses low
  • Certificates of Liability Insurance
  • Product logistics/receiving solutions
  • Same day staffing possibilities

In The Field

It's all about the service.

  • Professional appearance & demeanor
  • Walk-thru's for GSA contracts
  • Residential*Corporate*Market*Museum
  • Window dressing installation
  • IKEA furniture assembly