Art Installer Network


You Need An Art Installer.

You have a client who is not local. Maybe you have national clients. Perhaps your regular installer is unavailable. Maybe you don't have a regular installer. Where do you go for nationwide art installation services?

The Art Installer Network.

Request a quote. You'll hear back from us with an estimate and the name of an art installer.

It's that easy.
(Now reaching into Canada.)

At Network Central

It's about great service.

  • We cover 90% of the population
  • A pledge to keep travel expenses low
  • Certificates of Liability Insurance
  • Product logistics/receiving solutions
  • Same day staffing opportunities

In The Field

It's about great service.

  • Professional appearance & demeanor
  • Walk-thru's for GSA contracts
  • Residential*Corporate*Market*Museum
  • Window dressing installation
  • IKEA furniture assembly