Art Installer Network


Art Installer Network

We are the North American registry of experienced art installers, curtain hangers and office furniture assemblers.

Clients' RFQ's are sent to the installers closest to a project. We check installer's rates, availability, insurance status and installation specialties to determine who is best for that client.

Clients & installers then deal directly with each other for scheduling and invoicing.

It's that simple!

Corporate Installers

Securing pieces in public places.

  • Proficient in 3 point security
  • Receive*Deliver*Install*Dispose
  • Professional apprearance & demeanor
  • Short notice staffing options

Residential Installers

Combining design skills & installaion services.

  • Expert art placement
  • Standard hardware
  • Window dressing installation
  • IKEA furniture assembly
"Scott, everyone was great! All 3 did a fantastic job and had great attitudes. I am very pleased with the quality of guys you sent us. Thanks so much!"
Jennifer, Evergreen Art & Plants (8/13 Ft. Campbell VAMC, 100+ pcs, "super secure" w/ caulk, 3pt install)

"We are definitely using you in the future. You guys did a great job in Iowa!" Curt, Great American Picture Co, (7/6 Iowa Hosp., 85 pcs, 3pt security, 6pt standoffs).

"Thank you, Scott! We had a difficult client who now loves our company, based mostly on the great installer you sent for this project. I am excited to use you again!"
Maggie Smith, Art Source, Inc. (7/15, MA Senior Living, 30 pcs, H&W)

"Scott sent Clay, a wonderful professional. He was on time, completed several installs for me in a timely manner. I can't say enough about Clay's attention to detail and making sure I was pleased with his work. I will definitely hire them!" Lauren Laombardi, Mesquite, TX, 4/18, (art, drapes, accessories)

"We hired Ari through Art Installer Network to hang some art work around our office and they did a great job and were very easy to work with. I recommend them for your future art hanging needs." Julie Lovett, Arlington, VA, 4/8

"Immediate response and referral. All work completed the next day. Great job and very pleased!" Lisa Levine, Tarzana, CA, 4/26 (shades, art)